10K Reps | Madison The Guy's Story

What does 10K Reps mean to you, and how are you earning your 10K?

“To me, 10K Reps means making the conscious decision to act on my dreams. By doing so, with each rep I become one step closer to making my dream a reality. I do this by continuing to push myself and reminding myself not to become satisfied or complacent.”

What do you think is more important, your mentality or the physical work?

“I believe our work is 90% mental. If your mind is in the wrong place you will not perform at a level you are capable of. The body will follow the mind in a positive or negative manner.

How has your mindset changed from when you started until now?

“My mindset has become one of consistency. To make a schedule and stick to it. Even right now I struggle to create videos on a schedule but I am working to a more consistent level. Also, maximizing your 24 hours. I realize what I do outside of work will indirectly affect my work itself.”

What is that thing that gets you out of bed each morning? (Your biggest motivating factor)

“When I really think about it I have no excuse not to achieve my dreams. I’m healthy, I have a good life, I have the support of friends and family. The only reason this dream won’t come true is if I am the one to pull the plug on it. I refuse to be the one to stop me.”

What has been your last major failure, and how are you dealing with it?

“I failed to book with a client due to lack of experience and taking advice from others, I have learned to trust my gut and appreciate the experience for what it was.”