7 Reasons Why I Moved To Taiwan

When you think of each day as a single rep to get better and closer to your bigger goal, then it takes a lot of pressure off and allows you to focus on what is necessary that day. By making a list of the 7 things that I want to accomplish before I leave Taiwan, it has not only allowed me to stay focused each day, but it gives me something to look forward to and makes the progression more exciting. These are the 7 things I am working on while I am in Taiwan:

Learn How To Run A Business

The best people to learn from are those who have already done it. By moving to Taiwan I am working with a growing Software/Mobile App company that has grown from nothing to having 150 Million downloads in just 10 years. By talking with the executives and other highly ranked members of this company, I have been figuring out many of the tools and strategies that they look for and implement. Leaning these tools has allowed me to see real ways to grow a business to reach a world-wide audience.

Learn Mandarin Chinese

“Chinese is way too hard to learn, don’t even bother”, something I have heard countless times before and after I moved to Taiwan. Hearing this only made the idea of speaking Chinese more enticing. Obviously, I am nowhere near fluent in the language, but learning new words and phrases is so exciting that each lesson feels more like a game than a lecture.

Learn About Native People

One of the most important things in business is knowing how your audience thinks. By being exposed to a new culture, you can see how the mindset of the people is so different. This is why I want to learn so much about how people here make decisions and the true motivation behind their actions. Learning from different cultures like this gives a deeper understanding of how people think as a whole.

Spread 10K Reps

The 10K Reps message is so strong and universal that it can be applied to people of any background. I love talking about this message with new people because I can see how individuals apply it to their own life and how their feelings towards what they are going through changes. Hearing other peoples’ input allows me to figure out new ways to push this message and apply it to more people.

Make Connections

In order to grow a business to reach a world-wide audience, you need to know people in all different parts of the world. Meeting new people that have a similar mindset and are excited to take ideas and run with them is truly inspiring.

Exercise Mind & Muscles

Working out has always been apart of my everyday schedule. It is one of the things I look forward to most each day and makes me feel so good afterwards. Other than working out in the gym, I work to exercise my mind everyday as well. Right now, I have been doing this by meditating for just 10 minutes a day. By taking away all of the distractions, closing your eyes, and sitting down to reflect for 10 minutes, I can feel how my attitude changes. I like to think about how my day went (good or bad), what I need to do in the next day/week, and remember how this is working for a bigger goal.


Of course, when I’m in a once in a lifetime opportunity like this, I need to take full advantage. Traveling around Asia has been incredible and I have been able to see things that one can only imagine. While I am here I plan to see as many different countries as possible, because you really never know what you are going to find!

A big goal can be so intimidating, but I have found that I am able to make the most progress when I remember my reasons why and can break things down into individual steps.