10K Reps | Mar-Jana's Story

Mar-Jana Phillips is a professional volleyball player currently playing in the Philippines for the Sta. Lucia Realtors. After successfully completing her first professional season, she suffered from a shoulder injury which has kept her from playing any games so far in the 2019 season. The chance to overcome obstacles is something that MJ has never shy'd away from, and after sitting down with her, she was able to spread some valuable lessons for anyone overcoming a problem.

What do you think is more important, your mentality or the physical work?

"That’s a tough question because they go hand in hand but at a professional level I would have to say mental over physical work. What differentiates us from each athlete is our level of mental toughness we have the high skill level but not everyone is on the same mental level." 

What is the thing that gets you out of bed each morning? (Your biggest motivator)

"What gets me up in the morning is honestly knowing I get to do what I love as a career which is volleyball. I set goals for myself to be one of the best and play against the best. Each day I am faced with challenges and I have to figure out what steps I can take today to get me one step closer to my goals. You got to learn how to love the grind." 

"Shoulder rehab was rough for me. There were days where improvements were so small I barely felt like things were getting better. It honestly sucked," said MJ. "The loss, anger, frustration, uselessness - all things that I have felt so strongly during those first months of recovery. But what I have learned is that you have to stay patient and be present. Trust that the body will heal itself. Control what you can control and take it one rep at a time."