10K Reps | World Edition

10K Reps World Edition embodies the idea that while on our journey, we will connect with people of all different backgrounds and travel to places all around the world.  Whether your travel is a week long trip across the country, or moving to the other side of the world for a couple years, this experience is key to your own growth. Traveling to new places is one of the best ways to learn, because experiencing a different culture gives you another perspective on your journey. This can either give you new ideas and steer you in a different direction, or reinforce your ideas and give you a fresh mindset to keep moving forward to earning your 10K.

No Borders, means that we can connect with many other people and cultures in order to spread our message and encourage those to see the beauty as they go through their own process and earn their 10K Reps. Undoubtedly one of these three cultures (Spanish, French, & Chinese) have had, or will have, an impact on you in some way. The 3 languages used in this collection are each very unique cultures that envelope the 10K mentality. While on each style shirt the words are different, the message is universal.

Where has your journey taken you?